You know, maybe weโ€™re just not right for each other. We waited so long. Weโ€™ve been waiting, and yet the one chance we get- we donโ€™t take. Itโ€™s right at our fingertips; itโ€™s right in our grasp, but we donโ€™t grab it. I donโ€™t know what you want from me. I know we love each other, but maybe this isnโ€™t gonna work. Maybe what we need is to just be friendsโ€ฆ because this right now- this hurts me. I canโ€™t walk around knowing how I feel about you and knowing how you feel about meโ€ฆ and yet not be together. Donโ€™t break my heart. Letโ€™s just let it go; maybe thatโ€™s whatโ€™s meant to happen.
thelovenotebook (via thelovenotebook)